acrylic stone

Materials and what they do for us: acrylic stone.

The brand of  acrylic stone we use is LG HI-MACS®.  It is versatile, tough and easy to maintain and clean and can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes. We can create seamless lengths to any size; it is available in a large range of natural colours and finishes to match your interior design.

As acrylic stone is versatile the shapes we create are only restricted by your imagination. So it is perfect for bespoke worktops, work stations, tables and bars where high wear and easy cleaning is essential. It looks amazing combined with integral LED illumination!

LG HI-MACS® has been designed to excel in safety and sustainable design. As a low VOC-emitting product, LG HI-MACS® is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.