Illuminated Signage

Have your customers seen the light? They will, with an illuminated sign.

It’s one thing to have well planned, thoughtful and impactful signage outside or inside your premises. But you can take it to another level entirely to have it illuminated - providing maximum visibility day or night!

Illuminated signs offer you the chance to be seen from a distance at night, or even in places where there is lots of visual noise during day light hours.

Our most popular style of illuminated sign is the light box. The effect on lettering is to make it glow. It’s a cost effective solution and is suitable for many applications including fascias, menus and posters. A similar effect can be created with internally illuminated lettering.

Other styles include; external trough lights, swan necks, LEDs, backlit signs (both box and flex face), face lit signs and edge lighting.

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