light boxes

Illuminated light boxes. Your chance to shine.

Light up your world. And your customers’ with our illuminated light boxes.

Lighting up your signage or interior is a sure fire way of attracting the right kind of attention. It means you can showcase products or services and steal a march on the other guy. He’s the one who is operating in the dark!

We supply a range of high quality, attractive and functional light box signage and illuminated displays for use in retail & restaurant applications. They range from the ultra slim with high efficiency carbon reducing LEDs, to traditional fluorescent lamp light boxes. Our standard range of light boxes and light panels are available from A4 up to and beyond a 20 metre fascia, backlit, edge lit, fluorescent and LED illuminated.

But if you need something special it’s no problem. We can make any shape or size to order. Just ask.

See the light. Get in touch.