Jargon busting.


Every sign we manufacure we consider and specify the appropriate type of material used and the fabrication techniques involved to create a superior product. 

We believe that when looking for a supplier who can supply your signage it is important that you choose a company who specialises in this area of the sign and display industry.

We have sophisticated cutting systems in place, systems which allow us to provide signage to a wide variety of materials; including foamex,perspex, dibond, acrylic Stone and natural wood, At Design Shop we can work with your brief to provide a lasting product. 

We recognise that great signage is created by working with quality materials.

No matter what type of material you need your architectural signs made from we have the right materials available. All our materials and suppliers have been carefully researched and checked to ensure that the raw materials we purchase are the best quality and value.

With our own state of the art CNC machining equipment we are able to accurately machine all manner of rigid sheet materials allows you to fully explore the materials and options open to you.