roller banner

It's easy to make an impact with our Rollup banner. Two minutes is all it takes.

When you need to go from zero to hero very quickly, our pull up roller banner can get you out of a flat spot – transforming a nothing space into a saleroom - in just two minutes. They are also perfect for making announcements, marketing special offers or promoting an aspect of your business above all others.

Lots of businesses use our pull up roller banners for exhibitions where manpower and space is at a premium. They pack down easily into their own carry bag.

Erecting the Rollup is a piece of cake. You assemble the back support, twist the feet and pull up the vinyl banner and that’s that. It’s remarkably easy and very cost effective.

A clip-on spotlight is also available.

Banners are 800 mm x 2000 mm tall these for internal use only - please ask for external options.

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